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The Gardens

Garden opening times:

Every day from Easter to All saints day
from 1.30 to 5.30pm (gardens close at 6.30pm)Free entry

Route signposted with arrows for persons with reduced mobility

Except for small dogs kept on a leash

The gardens are made up of several theme gardens:

  • the Clos du Roy (The King’s field)(French style gardens)
  • the Jardin de curé(The priest’s garden) (traditional kitchen garden)
  • the Jardin des druides (The druids’ garden)(chalice fountain, bridge of secrets, the Druid’s tree, the fine gold standing stone in the middle of 3 cascading ponds…)
  • the Jardin des Korrigans (The Korrigans garden) and the legend of the hidden treasure…

Tredion Castle built in the 14th century, below a small hill in the heart of Lanvaux forest, appeared at the dawn of its history as a simple manor house used as a meeting place for hunters by the Dukes of Brittany.

Despite its resemblance to a fairy-tale castle, the heathland, forests and heather that surround it, a land of Breton Chouannerie, definitely situates it in the Land of Legends. The mystery of the treasure hidden on the land in the estate by Charles Fouquet somewhere at the foot of an oak tree, so far undiscovered, reminds us that these forests still harbour malicious little beings, the Korrigans, or Breton goblins’, guardians of the treasures of the forests.

They still watch jealously over the treasure of Tredion without revealing the secret of its location…
Other treasures await garden lovers: Rare types of trees, some several hundred years old, classed as “remarkable” by the Department of Morbihan…
There is also an abundance of elaborate bridges, ponds and lakes, animals in the gardens and numerous artists’ sculptures along the route.

Discover the gardens

The sculptures in the gardens

All along the way, you will encounter the garden’s exterior sculptures.
Discover the artists:

Discover the sculptures