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The Castle

Hermine à Trédion

Built in 1350, Tredion manor belonged to the Dukes of Brittany.
The vast forests that surround it made it a favourite meeting place for hunters.

Great names have owned the Tredion estate over the centuries. Amongst them, the Malestroits, Jean IV de Rieux, the Marquis of Nesle, Guy-Paul de Coligny, the Princess of Salm, Pierre II of Sérent.

In 1683 Charles Fouquet, a distant relative of the intendant Fouquet, is the main character in the legend of the Treasure of Tredion which is said to be buried at the foot of an oak tree…
A series of bourgeois and lesser nobility then owned the castle.

Tredion Castle was host to illustrious owners during this period, but even more illustrious guests were to come. Amongst them:


– King François Ist who on 31 August 1518 dined and stayed in the “Castle” for one night, before travelling the next day to Vannes, at the time a “Small City of 9,000 souls”.

– The Queen mother “Catherine de’ Medici” regent of the Kingdom of France and hostess of the Coligny family, stayed in the Castle for at least two weeks in May of 1570 (two letters written from Tredion testify to this fact).

On 21 July 1834, Hippolyte du Fresne of Virel acquired Tredion Castle and land. In 1840 he built a “furnace” to make cast iron objects, and undertook restoration works, making it one of the most beautiful Renaissance castles along the Loire.

In 1977, the estate was sold by the heirs of Virel to Guy Turpin, a property developer in Vannes. Large-scale renovation works were undertaken, both in the castle, and in the grounds and are still in progress today.

The castle was opened to the public, a new era began…